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Our Contemporary 6-bed sleep center, located in the treetops of Vestavia Hills, feels more like a hotel than a sleep center. Premium mattress systems, luxurious linens, HD Flat Screen TV's, Free WIFI, and compassionate, knowledgeable staff make it more like a staycation than a diagnostic medical test.


We provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for all of your sleep-related needs. Sleep Medicine, Sleep Testing and Sleep Therapy without the wait. Healthier sleep is just a night away.

Sleep Medicine

If you do not have a Physician, you may make an appointment to see our Board Certified Sleep Physician here at Total Sleep. If you do see a Physician regularly and have discussed your symptoms, download this form and have your Doctor's office complete it and fax it over.

Sleep Testing

Our experienced Polysomnographic Technicians will make you comfortable and explain the testing process every step of the way. Leave your worries and anxiety behind as you relax and drift off to sleep in our safe, quiet, comfortable and impeccable private rooms. If you should need anything your personal Sleep technician is just a whisper away.

Wondering if you might have Sleep Apnea? Answer these questions to find out.

Sleep Therapy

Being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea is only the first step. Treating sleep apnea is the solution to better health, longevity and improved quality of life. You will be set up by a Sleep Therapy Specialist on sleek, quiet and user-friendly sleep therapy equipment that even has an app to monitor your own treatment. And when it comes to CPAP masks, we use the latest lightweight minimalist masks allowing you to be comfortable on your very first night.



Eva Ovitt sits down with Bob Mosca to discuss what Total Sleep is, and how it is different from other sleep testing centers. 



"Professional, Great Team that makes you very comfortable, and felt like I walked into a high end hotel room.
I highly recommend Total Sleep"



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